"Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive.  And then go and do that.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." -Harold Whitman

Walk-in's, Starseeds, Indigos,
Angelic Humans, Crystal Children, etc.

Many people have different theories about soul
transitions and the "walk-in" phenomenon. 

 How can someone who has never experienced something
 like this even begin to offer an opinion on it? 

If an individual experiences a traumatic event of any kind it
 is their personal experience.  The person who experienced the
 event is a direct witness of the event. 

This makes them a qualified witness and expert of
 their own personal life experience!

There is room for clergy and ministerial teachings where
"new age" concepts are concerned.  This includes information
pertaining to the evolution of the soul.  Many religious
traditions by-pass this very important information.

I am always surprised when someone else attempts to justify
or define something that they have never experienced themselves! 

There are many new age teachers who are teaching  "ascension"
and enlightenment.  I do not subscribe to this idea at all.  
I do not believe that it is possible to actually
teach "ascension" or "enlightenment".

These are levels of spiritual accomplishment
which are honed through the cultivation
of compassion and service.  They
are not qualities that are
able to be purchased
at a "new age"

I teach the "being of human"... all the magic you could
ever dream of can be found here - right on the planet earth.!
This is where we learn -everything.
The physical 3D experience is the platform where
all other dimensions are discovered!

There can be no other way...

 I ventured to inquire about those who are teaching "ascension"
and spoke to several people who claimed to be experts. 
I could not get an appropriate response from anyone. 

None of these people were actually "ascended" or "enlightened".

 I personally believe that
"we" are the experts of our own
 life experience.
  I prefer to call the experiences that I
personally have encountered a "soul transition".

There is no reason to assume or believe that
this will be the last soul transition of its kind.

~ Angel Warriors ~

I have recently been appraised of the fact that there is an
elaborate campaign to abolish ANGELS!  Angels are people too!
REAL Angels are not exactly powder puff - wimps!
A real angel is someone who has been through many, many
life times of triumph over adversity.  This means that
they are by no means - a "wimp".  These are people
who are very strong as well as compassionate,

We may not be aware of the fact that there exists
a population of human beings who actually carry
resentment towards people who have triumphed over
 struggle, oppression, suffering, etc.
This is something that is very real and not
something that should be overlooked.  
I couldn't believe it myself but it is true.

There are people who hold a grudge against those
who have achieved a higher understanding of truth. 
If you know that you have a higher frequency
it is very possible to experience something like this.
There are people who are repulsed by those of us
who have a deep appreciation and
value for life and all of it's
many blessings ~

We cannot do anything about it except be
aware of it.  If we come across something like this
 we can try to recognize the behavior as someone
who is reacting to our frequency. 

Lower frequency responds to higher frequency
as higher frequency tends to break up stagnant energy. 
This is uncomfortable for those who have a lower frequency. 
All you can really do is recognize the difference  ~ and walk away!

Indigo Children
Crystal Children
Rainbow Children


The "new age" has brought about these concepts which
allowed many people to look deeper into their own
connection to their spiritual origins.  It allowed for
marketing opportunities as well.  Every ten years
the planet Pluto changes it's transition into the
next progression of houses.  This means that
a new generation will carry a similar pattern.
This planetary transition will have an
affect that entire generation

The earth is evolving and the consciousness
of humanity will respond through it's frequency.

Consciousness is something that
is susceptible to other things including;
familial and social patterning, world economy,
 government, fashion trends, media and technology.

This may have had an affect as to who we are and
what we are aware of as children.  The new age  industry
created these concepts for marketing opportunities.

The new age brought an awareness of ancient wisdom
that we may not have ever heard about before.

This was very beneficial for many people.
It also included information about extra
terrestrials, ancient civilizations, witchcraft,
fairies, Atlantis, Indigo & Crystal Children, etc.

This was an important period of time for many people
who were on a spiritual path. 

Getting back down to earth is essential at this time.

There is no doubt in my mind that human beings
may have origins from other universes
or from different planets however,

We are here on the planet earth right now
and that is all that really matters!

Anything that takes our consciousness
away from knowing our true self and
learning from that source of understanding
is merely a recreational - day dream opportunity...

"The consciousness of nature
supersedes limited human perception"

~ Jazlan Ahn

If you feel that you are here on the planet at this time
to do something significant and powerful ~


We are here to LOVE! 

Be gentle with yourself.  Be Creative! 
 Creativity is food for the soul. 
*Get your physical body in the warm water!
Surround yourself in the beauty of nature.

Flower essences, essential oils, etc., assist in aligning the
energetic field to the planet earth and nature.

Nature is humanity's sanctuary and healing refuge. 
We are the universe and the universe is within us!

All of the ingredients we need to create
have already been given to us...


If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch
You must first, invent the universe.  ~Carl Sagan


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