"The whole outer world and its forms are a signature of the inner world." -Jacob Bohme

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Many indigenous cultures and spiritual traditions have devoted a daily practice of honoring their ancestors.  There are powerful reasons for this.  Our genetic ancestry is a woven tapestry and network of recorded history.

Humanity is carrying the resonance of these recorded frequencies within the human DNA. This is the human broadcast system, beckoning the call of like minded resonance for the purpose of reflection, acknowledgement and recognition.  These are energetic remnants of history which have been stored within the DNA.  They may be positive and beneficial or they may be challenging and inspirational!  As quantum physics has vividly pointed out, "like attracts like".  We are - not only - what we resonate, we attract what we resonate.  Our ancestors may be plucking the chords of our destiny and we could be totally unaware of it. 
It goes much deeper than this...

Resonance is carried throughout various energetic fields of the body - through our life experience and familial/cultural patterning.  It is not exclusive to the DNA. 

Sound healing through the Language of Light is spoken and sung by Jazlan Ahn.   The written form or "Elixirs of Light "are subtle but profound vehicles of transformation.  Subtle energy can be extremely powerful.  Less is definitely more when it comes to vibrational energetics.  The Language of Light - "Elixirs of Light" are offered individually and are custom creations of personal transformation.  These are sacred creations which are utilized for the purpose of visual recognition and sensory connection.  The "Ah-Ha" experience plays a major role in discerning the difference between believing in something and KNOWING that something is valid and real.  The Language of Light - Elixirs of Light/Glyphs, are windows of recognition.  Their purpose is to inspire clarity and open the gateway of perceptual vision- in order to realize and manifest change.  This is a little bit different than alchemy.  The outcome is immediate rather than having to move through a process of gradual shifts and alchemical transformation.  When we understand a vivid truth, there are no doubts.  The shift in our perception of reality changes immediately!


"The truth is that our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling deeply uncomfortable, unhappy, or unfulfilled.  For it is only in such moments, propelled by our discomfort, that we are likely to step out of our ruts and start searching for different ways or truer answers" -M. Scott. Peck

Transmissions of Light as a Healing Modality:
Energetic clearing; removal of blockages, curse, repetitive programming, karmic entanglements, soul retrieval, etc.

Jazlan works with a variety of Energy Tools which she has cultivated over a period of 30 years.  The quantum field allows this work to be possible. 

Relationship Clearing:
The clearing of karmic agreements, chords, programming, devices, curses & contracts pertaining to current and previous sexual  partnerships, familial and social relationships ~

Relationships are powerful mirrors of recognition and personal growth.  There are times when we find ourselves at a point of completion with our sexual partner and it is time to move on.  Sexual relationships embrace an energetic composite of history and information which is brought together by both parties.  This information is held within the human energetic field long after the relationship has waned.  The human energy field can carry the karma of our previous sexual partner attached to it for several years!  It is very common to hold on to particular behaviors and manerisms that are not even ours.  

The human energy field is sponge-like.  Have you ever noticed what happens to an adolescent boy or girl before and after they have sex for the first time?  There can often be a dramatic shift or change in personality and behavior that is immediately recognizable.  This is due to energy transference.  Sex is very powerful. Energetic clearing of previous relationships is essential for anyone embarking on a new life path or seeking a new sexual partner.  It is also a wonderful gift to offer a long time partnership that may need refreshing and revitalization!  Clearing old chords and renewing a partnership with a clear slate of beginning is an invigorating way to spark things up again!

Alchemical Comedy!
Something fun and uplifting for everyone!  Not exactly therapy... It's just good medicine.  Alchemical Improv...