"The idea that the invisible universe is more real than the visible one indeed has never been so widely accepted by practical scientists as now in this climactic century.  But it is far from a new notion to seers and philosophers, for don't forget, Aristotle called life "spirit pervading matter", a concept all great religions would heartily endorse... the philosophy of mysticism emergest as eminently reasonable... the newly realized reality of the nonmaterrial world, of fields that influence, of waves that convey, of minds that pervade." -Guy Murchie


Rev. Jazlan Ahn teaches "The Being of Human". 
Why would we need to be taught something that we already are?

Living in your "being-ness" refers to connecting to our
higher intelligence as a human being and staying in
the present moment.  We are creatures of
comfort and unfortunately we have a tendency to fall
asleep!  Human beings are designed to adapt and
the idea of taking a nap is sometimes just
too tempting!

We may have become a bit too complacent and perhaps this
is something that is allowing us to accept life as the
"status quo" or live a life that may not be exactly
what we had hoped for.

 Human beings are multi-dimensional
"sensual" beings of intelligence!

"Wake Up - Little rose bud.... Rose bud wake up"
The following  Language of Light ~ "Windows of Recognition"
 videos are designed as portals of sensory expansion
 and personal development.

Recognition is the first step to any type
of transformation and healing ~


Enjoy! ~ It is suggested to wait at least 15 minutes in
 between viewing the following videos.

Blessing of the Elemental Goddess
Rhodochrosite Gem Stone Elixer of Light
Cleansing - Grounding - Balancing



Blue Light Celestial Voyage
Journey to the Etheric Water Temple
Nourish - Harmonize - Water Element

Divine Mother's Healing Love Balm Tablets
Self Love ~

The "De-Bugger" Anger & Stress Relief